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Optimizing For Print or Display


First published on May 11, 2019. Last updated on October 8, 2019.

Sometimes you might want content to appear either only in print or only on screen. For example, content that cannot be printed, such as videos or quizzes, ideally should be omitted from the print version.

This can be accomplished using shortcodes.

To omit content from the PDF (print version), use:


Content not to be printed.


For content that should only be included in the PDF (print version), use:


Content to be printed, but not display on screen.


This is a good way to display alternative content or notices to those that you designate to appear only on screen. Note that these shortcodes only work for blocks of content, and are not designed to be used inline (within paragraphs and sentences). For controlling the display of inline content, you can use <span class=”noPrint”></span> and <span class=”PDFonly”></span>.



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