Welcome to Course.Cafe


The Course Cafe platform allows authors to easily create online textbooks that can be displayed on the web or downloaded as PDF e-books to read offline. Course Cafe also allows authors to efficiently collaborate with colleagues across the world for the creation and sharing of content amongĀ  intellectual communities. Co-write a book together or create a specialized library.

Row of books about international law.


Course Cafe is simple to use, but still provides many useful features:

  • Type and click publishing workflow
  • Compose in modular lessons or chapters and combine them into courses or books
  • Edit with the most needed features without being overwhelmed
  • Embed images, video, quizzess and other media
  • Natively compose mathematical formulas with LaTeX
  • Can work in parallel with learning management systems
  • Available for individual authors, small organizations and corporate work groups
  • Choose your school or company color
  • Custom installations for larger enterprises or higher traffic sites.
  • Built upon classic WordPress.

Please see this sample course list for course examples.

Further Information

Course Cafe is presently a proprietary platform being tested and utilized for a limited set of users. Its currently status is experimental and “beta”.

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