Authoring With Course Cafe

Preface for Instructors and Authors


First published on May 11, 2019. Last updated on May 11, 2019.

Authoring With Course Cafe is intended as a tutorial, guide and reference for instructors and authors who create content on Course.Cafe.

An introduction regarding how to create a course and lesson is provided. These provide the basic skills to create content on the platform. If you just type text, for example for a law or literature course, this might be all that you need.

If you already know WordPress, then much will be familiar. Although Course.Cafe is focused upon creating textbooks, it is also possible to create posts and allow commenting. For those who are unfamiliar with WordPress, a description of the editing fields is provided.

However, there is much that has been added beyond standard WordPress, and some that is entirely new. Much of the rest of this authoring course discusses how to handle special content such as formulas.

As an educator or authors, it is expected that accessibility will be important. How to improve accessibility as well as principles of universal design are discussed, and additional resources are listed.


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