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Short Codes


First published on May 12, 2019. Last updated on May 12, 2019.

Course.Cafe is built on top of the WordPress open source software. It is possible to add additional functionality in WordPress using small snippets of code called shortcodes. Short codes are enclosed in “[…]” and “[/…]” punctuation. An example which will hide enclosed contents is:

[hide]This is my secret text[/hide].
Many standard WordPress short codes will work on Course Cafe, as well as additional ones. Some short codes accept parameters.
Some short codes can be used singly, such as:
  • [sheetmessage message="Turn in Assignment #1!"]
Other short codes are used in pairs to either enclose content or an error message. Examples include:
  • [hide] content … [/hide]
  • [table] content … [/table]
  • [simplecode color="Azure"] content … [/simplecode]
  • [[noprint] content … [/noprint]]
  • [[pdfonly] content … [/pdfonly]]
  • [video]Your browser cannot display this content. [/video]
  • [iframe]Your browser cannot display this content. [/iframe]

How to use these short codes is covered in their relevant sections.


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