Digital History

Becoming A Digital Explorer Activities


First published on February 15, 2020. Last updated on February 20, 2021.


  • Students will try out online tools such Clio to retrieve information of historical interest.
  • Students will identify and explore online sources and databases to which they have special access or interest.

Clio Online Web Tool

  1. Choose a place of historical interest in the United States (because the tool only has USA locations; you will have to opportunity to examine other countries in future activities.)
  2. Open up the Clio website in a browser window.
  3. Enter a location. You will (hopefully) be presented with items of historical interest, or resources for historical investigations.
  4. Write a paragraph on three locations, describing what they are, and why they are of particular interest, and they type of information you might expect to gain if visiting there.

Restricted Online Resources Available to You

You are often a member of a community that may have special access to online resources. If you are a student or instructor, your school may have special, free access to online databases and materials that might not be available to the public or is behind paywalls. Likewise, if you are a resident in a local community, your local library or museum might provide free access to digital materials for you.

Some employers mat provide special access as well. Also, some investment platforms for stocks or retirement funds provide special access to proprietary research materials and other informative media. Further, if you re a student, sometimes you can get free or inexpensive access and subscriptions to materials.

  1. Identify your roles and memberships. Examine websites related to those roles for special access. If you want more than the website mentions, contact persons at relevant organizations via email or telephone to inquire if they offer additional resources.
  2. Try to access one of more of those resources.


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