Physical History

Psychological Reactions to Change


First published on May 17, 2019. Last updated on May 17, 2019.

People who might be accepting of something in general, may react differently when it is accompanied by change. Rates of change matter as well. People’s immediate “gut” reaction to rapid change may differ from a slow, reasoned, adjusted reaction.

People prefer to feel in control of their lives, and to feel secure in their environment. Rapid change involves uncertainly and a loss of control.

Also, change can require a mental adjustment. Just the process of adjusting itself can be mentally painful or challenging to people, especially as they age. Older people have a lot of knowledge in their brains. Having to learn new stuff and reconcile inconsistencies between the old and new can be a greater challenge than merely learning the materials with an emptier brain when one is young. Older people must unleard andlearn.

Finally, change can require physical adjustment. A person may have to move, change jobs, or learn new skills or languages.


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