Digital History

The Future of Digital History & Future Topics


First published on August 24, 2019. Last updated on February 15, 2020.

Who can say for certain what paths digital history will take in the future. More sources will likely be digitalized. Whether such sources will be freely available or restricted behind paywalls or policies remains to be seen. Virtual reality will likely move us further and further into The Matrix. Gaming and other technologies allow us to literally create and change history. The only thing certain is that there will be new technologies and new uses.

Associate Professor David Staley of Ohio State University discussing digital history and the future.

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Academic Programs of Interest

There are many career and research possibilities for historians with digital knowledge history. Working in public history for a city, state, museum or library is a great example.

In case you wish to do further academic work, there are several universities with undergraduate and graduate programs in digital history.




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