Quantitative and Physical History

Welcome to Quantitative and Physical Methods in History


First published on February 22, 2020. Last updated on February 22, 2020.

This course is broken up into four major sections. First is Basic Skills and Tools, which contains materials that may be applicable to the other sections. Second is Quantitative Methods, which involved modeling and data analysis. Third is Digital Methods, which concerns additional computing techniques such as GIS, text parsing and image analysis more common in the digital humanities. Fourth is a section on advanced visualization that will help convey and display your work to the world.

Basic Skills and Tools

You will need several basic skills and tools to use more advanced tools and techniques. They may not be exciting, but are essential. Even if you are familiar with the skills and tools in this section, it is worth a quick skim to refresh your mind. Also, these sections may serve as a useful reference if you get stuck on setting up the more advanced tools.


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