Physical History



First published on May 17, 2019. Last updated on February 16, 2020.

Physical History and Economics represents a solid foundation for the future development of history and economics. PHE can provide new insight into some of the pressures and influences upon historical societies and the constraints that governed them. PHE can help to provide economists with another means to analyze regimes over their entire lifetime.

However, Physical History and Economics is not alone sufficient to develop practical solutions for society. Rather, think of Advanced Social Science as one of two filters. Physical History and Economics can be used to anticipate and also to filter out scientifically impractical solutions. Such solutions are impractical because they run counter to the tendencies of nature and probably will not work.

The other filter is human psychology. Even if a solution is scientifically valid, if it cannot be implemented due to the limitations and constraints of human psychology, then it is equally impractical and is doomed to probably failure. A good solution is one that can pass through both filters, that of Physical History and Economics and that of human psychology.

Thus, Physical History and Economics, used in conjunction with an understanding of human psychology, can save humanity the trouble and expense of attempting impractical solutions and can provide options that will probably work. That is the goal and dream of Physical History and Economics.


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