Digital History

Here are a collection of courses to support learning in digital history.


Digital History is the flagship course. It is provides lessons and resources to cover major topics within Digital History. This course includes numerous student activities. A caveat is that the ability to complete such activities will depend on available technology, connectivity and some preexisting knowledge. Alternatively, the text of most of these courses can be downloaded and read offline or printed for those without internet connections or computers at home.

Although there is no perfect substitute for a capable , knowledgeable instructor, the Computer Skills for Research course can help students get some of the required basic knowledge.

Finally, there are several courses concerning programming languages. Ruby was chosen because it is easy to learn and mathematically robust. It is a good language for beginners, with lot of upward capability. Python is a workhorse engine with plenty of useful libraries for digital history. Perl is often the language of choice for text parsing, and frankly, history involves considerable text.

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